Axe: ‘focus’ is key

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The Axe juggernaut rolls on. We’ve all seen the by-now-familiar Axe formula: girls can’t get their hands off you, thanks to Axe. They come through jungles, nibble at men or in markets where its called Lynx, they are even into air travel. They even put up with the typical male fantasies.

Here comes a nice new twist with Axe’s Sharp Focus – an underarm spray. The TVC, being aired in Argentina, provides a new twist to the product attribute. The argument is that when your underarms sweat, you have ‘one eye focused on it’. Brilliant perspective to the category. That lends itself to the creative idea of a ‘paranoid eye’. Our protagonist has one eye fixed on his underarm, thus losing focus on the girls. Goes well with the variant name and the proposition. A slight departure from the Axe formula of ‘instant attraction’, but a funny spot nevertheless.

Via Duncan’s TV Ad Land

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