Does Bangalore have DNA in its DNA?

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‘I believe in Bangalore’, screamed the teaser hoardings. I was half-suspecting another campaign from Times of India a la ‘Coffee Dosa’ contest. Turns out that it was about the launch of Daily News & Analysis in Bangalore.


Is there a market for another mainline English daily in Bangalore? Who are they talking to? Are they aiming to replace Deccan Herald in two-newspaper households? I for one, may consider replacing my DH with DNA. The campaign asks for feedback on what people like about Bangalore – strangely tucked away at the bottom of the ad. I couldn’t help comparing it with the teaser campaign for DNA’s launch in Mumbai. That had attitude and a clear strategy to generate trial behind it. I remember the teaser’s which said, ‘Speak up. It’s in your DNA’. The campaign that followed asked for readers to ‘pledge’ subscription and showcased various readers (the ‘Will Book, Won’t Book’ hoardings). DNA today ranks as the No.2 paper in Mumbai with a readership of 5.18 lacs.

Given the Bangalore market, I suspect its format would be refreshing, premium and more attractive than DH and Deccan Chronicle. So, more media wars ahead?

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  1. The media wars are on as you mentioned. But i sincerely hope that in the wars to bring out content, they don’t dish out trash, as i observed lately. I have had the chance to interview with some of these new dailies, and almost on all occasions, the reporters were making last minute calls with deadlines for article completion being yesterday…!The result being close to zero research, wrongful presentation of facts, bad quality writing etc. My attention rather goes to localized publishing varieties like Citizen Matters –

  2. DNA is doomed. It’s not sticking to their schedule.
    I bought the coupons 3 months back and now they are still saying its gonna launch tomo day after tomo.
    I have lost my confidence in it forget the rest of the quality and all…

  3. DNA has cheated us…I gave my coupon to the Vendor but no paper was delivered.The phone in their office has been kept down.Will someone suggest what action I can take?

  4. My DNA subscription has started through my regular vendor and there seems to be no problem. I also got the DNA card – the ‘privileges’ on it are primitive though.

  5. I got my first DNA paper today after getting up early to catch the paper wala to give my subscription..He had one extra copy with him .

    DNA for me and TOI for my wife in the morning. I will catch TOI in office

  6. better marketer Reply

    i think its a matter of time . currently at over 70 thousand copies and in a smapling phase i think DNA will close the year at a neat 1.25 lakh copies and a close number 3 . the Audience will consists of the young educated with a random mox of marketing , media, IT and Finance profesionals in the IT city . the challenge is from there to the 2 lakh mark and beyond .. how fast with what all smart innovations and colors they reach there …

    there is no brand loyalty here unlike bombay for TOI .. so its eazy to topple number 1 ..DNA are U hearing

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