Little Thriller: big on idea

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Thanks to Duncans.TV, I came across this interesting piece of work from Lowe, New Zealand for the New Zealand Lotteries. The task at hand: make the lottery brand Instant Kiwi relevant to a larger audience.

The idea: dramatize the time taken to scratch the instant win card (about a minute) and link it with the thrill of winning. The result: Little Thriller – a series of one minute films done typically in Hollywood style thrillers.

A case study covers the gamut of activities on this project – from ambient ideas, in-store to the web. What struck me about the whole campaign:

Brilliant linkage of product usage to campaign idea: few may find the Instant Kiwi brand at the end of the TVC a bit tenuous, but the leap from the thrill of scratching a card to a Littel Thriller is great strategy.

Paying more than lip service to an integrated campaign: one of the ambient ideas was to create a false flooring sticker in an elevator – to give the impression to the person stepping into the lift that he is going to fall deep into the shaft! And when the penny drops, it makes a strong brand connect. Great stuff. The website urged users to upload their own episodes and went beyond campaign wallpapers.

The execution of the idea in the films (there are 3 of them) is inconsistent, the ski resort one being the best. The other two are not as edge-of-the-seat as they could have been. Aside from this, I found the approach to the task at hand unique and above all, inspiring. Itching to do similar stuff here.

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