Union Bank of India: advertising works!

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I was very skeptical of PSU Banks embarking on a re-branding strategy and relying on a new logo or advertising to rejig their image. I still maintain that in order to make a real difference it takes more than just advertising – it calls for changes on the ground. The new advertising can make the brand likeable if the advertising is likeable. But any action beyond that – switching your account or opening one depends purely on providing a rational reason and the experience at the branch level.

The latest TVC for Union Bank at least succeeds in creating a positive feeling toward the brand, thanks to the emotive advertising. Irrespective of societal backgrounds all parents behave the same way in which they are portrayed in the ad.

Since the insight is universal, the appeal is likely to be universal. The parents’ behaviour is linked to the proposition ‘ your dreams are not yours alone’. It may not yet motivate me to change my bank but at least I like the advertising. Are my likes yours too?

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  1. I too like the advertising but don’t you think its the same with every PSU bank now! Bank of India, Canara Bank, Union Bank. You can actually change the brand names in the end of the commercial. And all the brands fit in nicely.

  2. I found this blog when searching for more info about the Union Bank ad, particularly the photography used in the print ad, which I thought was quite refreshing. It seems nobody is talking about it much. To me, this campaign is symbolic of changing attitudes all over the country, not only in terms of PSU sensitivity but also regarding maturity in visual communication. Everybody loves a genuine(-sounding) ad! It actually prompted me to check out the Union Bank website. Where it goes from there is another matter altogether…

  3. Thanks for dropping by Mahesh. Yes, the Union Bank print ads are refreshingly different from the usual print ads in India of late. Apart from the photography, I thought the copy was nicely crafted too. The mother-daughter ad says: You moved to another city. She understood. You were too busy to call her everyday. She didn’t mind. When she cried, she cried alone. Whenever you cried, she cried with you. When you said, ‘Ma, this is important, she prayed for you’.

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