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ING print ad: sirf TV nahi hai


The corporate campaign of ING which seems to be on possible every TV channel in India, has support in the form of a print campaign and a website. If the wallpapers on the website are any indication, there are other renditions of the thought: money as a garland, as an auspicious gesture on festive occasions and so on. The website is not more than a link to the individual financial services...

Heineken walk-in fridge


Came across this funny little ad for Heineken Beer where a woman is taking her friends on a tour of her new home, showing off the walk-in wardrobe only to be interrupted by the men screaming in glee. At what? No prizes for guessing…

If you are laughing, it is called laughter of recognition.

Pepsi Refresh Everything: betting on optimism


Up until now, Pepsi’s international advertising conjured up images of celebrities, humour and story lines which involved protagonists going to great lengths to get a Pepsi. It was all about the drink. Nothing inherently wrong with that – it was instrumental in Pepsi being where it is. TBWA, who replaced BBDO recently as the agency, has devised a campaign which is more about...

Radio ads: putting you in a spot


While it is believed that more than 90% of advertising is mediocre, the fact comes through loud and clear (literally) in our radio spots, specially the ones on Bangalore’s FM stations. Most of the spots are voiced by adults who think they are in some 7th Standard school play, hamming away to glory.  There are the usual filmi spoofs (there must be a Government ban on using any characters or...

Cadbury’s Bournville: ‘earn’est effort


Cadbury India is betting on the Dark Chocolate category. The ‘ingredients’ will be loved by the Creative folk. You are talking to SEC A1 crowd about a super premium foods brand, can think in English and have a big budget backing you. Which means no more of the seemingly mandatory desi stuff even for desi brands. How is the result? Take a look. My first reaction was ‘good but not...

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