TMobile’s Life is for Sharing: worth watching

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TMobile’s theme, Life is for Sharing lends itself eminently for great thematic commercials, viral ideas and so on. But getting 350 people to participate in a TV commercial, without them knowing it? That’s awesome. Saatchi & Saatchi unleashed a guerilla dance routine at the Liverpool Street railway station. Hidden cameras, placed within the station captured the spontaneous reactions of commuters as they watched (and joined in) the performance.

As a bonus, this idea neatly does away with sundry things like scripts, actors, cinematography and post production allowing the ad to go on air within 48 hours of filming. Recently, while brainstorming on ideas for a client, we discussed something on these lines – but as a possible viral. But call it lack of will, we didn’t see it through. This idea is worth learning from.

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