Vodafone’s creates Zoozoos and a fan following

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I was at a family get together last Sunday. Part of the motley crowd included a handful of 14-19 year olds. While the IPL cricket matches were being watched they would simply mute the telly when the ads came on. The new ads created by Vodafone India, official partner of the DLF IPL 2009, were the only exception. I guess the ads are a hit across age groups going by people’s reactions and general buzz on the blogosphere. The characters created for the campaign are called Zoozoos and they come across as cute and endearing. The sheer visual difference of the ads break through the clutter. My favourite is here:

The rest of the ads are here. You can download some of the ads in Quicktime format, here.

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  1. All the Zoozoos has been awesome. Good work by Vodafone. I am liking them more then the cricket match

  2. Funny ain’t it? The only ad that doesn’t go mute has absolutely no understandable conversation. I like zoozoos… have them for my wall paper.

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