Fiat eco:Drive tells you how to reduce CO2

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An interactive campaign created by AKQA, London for Fiat won the Best of Show in the One Show Interactive Awards held in New York recently. This one is beyond interactive web banners or flashy websites.

Fiat ecodrive.jpg

Think of it as the Nike iPod for cars: The Fiat Eco Drive system uses a PC application and an in-car USB port to gather data of the user’s driving style. It then calculates driving efficiency to recommend ways in which a driver can reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions. This is how it works:

Drivers download and install the Eco Drive Adobe AIR application on their computers, sync any USB stick with the app, and then plug that USB drive into their Fiat’s Blue & Me port, technology the automaker developed in collaboration with Microsoft. When the USB is plugged back into the computer, the app uploads the data, calculates the driver’s efficiency index from acceleration, deceleration, gear shifting and speed information and then recommends ways the driver can modify habits to use less fuel.

Awesome, isn’t it? A great example of brand engagement. Would have done wonders for the ‘voice of authority’ perception of the brand. Watch the video here. Via The Inspiration Room Daily.

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