Lies? What lies? It’s only advertising.

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Haven’t we heard these all:

1. The client only wants to see how it looks.

2. The ad is required to go by 4pm today.

3. The client loved it!

4. According to research…

5. I get it, but will our consumer?

6. Give me 2 minutes…

7. I’ll call you back

8. This is the last of the revisions. Really.

9. Don’t worry about the budget now.

10. I timed it. It’s a 30-sec spot.

11. No, it wouldn’t work as well in a 30. Need 45-seconds. At least.

12. It’s a short presentation.

13. It will look very cluttered if we add the visual here.

14. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it in the execution.

Thanks to Creative Beef and Scamp for the inspiration.

Care to add more?

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  1. Making this logo any bigger will kill the beauty of the ad.

  2. bhatnaturally Reply

    This from my friend Arun Prabhu, via Facebook:

    Do you remember the one we collected back in TG all those years ago? Here’s the list to jog your memory including some gems from you:
    The worst things an account executive can say to the creative team:
    · The client loves it, but…
    · After all, it’s the client’s money. Just do it.
    · Ugh!… Read More
    · We are falling short on our billing targets. If they tell us to suck our toes, we’ll do it.
    · The logo is too small
    · You wrote this?
    · It’s only an ad
    · Say buddy, could you spare a tenner?
    · It’s bloody good. Where did you lift it from?
    · It’s a multi-million account
    · The agency is losing its creative edge
    · Nice ad. Do you want the brief now or later?
    · Let’s do lunch. Don’t forget to bring your notepad
    · I’ve shown it round the agency and nobody understands it

    And a few more:
    · We love it! The client and his mother loves it. Now we do research!
    · Hmmmm…mmm
    · We sold the ad, but the client has changed the brief
    · The ad was approved, but the headline, body text and baseline have to be changed…
    · You’ll have to come in on Saturday

  3. Superb stuff… Just to add…

    ??? ??? ???? ? ???…

    Believe me you…

    It’s an open brief…!

  4. My $0.03

    1. “This idea has legs …”

    2. “But is it a threesixty-able campaign?”

    3. “I am waiting for the client to revert back to me”
    (And after he reverts back, are you going to redo it again?)

  5. The latest from my client, which came in just last week as a shocker.

    “Yaar kuch Zoo…Zoo… jaisa dekhao”

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