2010 and beyond: how to have a great life

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Forget Deepak Chopra and Art of Living – if some brands would have it, advertising can be the panacea for all ills and the true path to an enriching, enlightened life. Why not take some cues from their advertising and see how we can improve our collective lives in 2010?

1. Install a DTH Service at home. Get a life, man. It can even help you re-connect with your childhood sweetheart.

2. Worried about you kid’s future? Fikar not. Sign up for systematic investment plan and rest assured that your child will become a rock star.

3. Chew some paan masala and watch the world salute you. Perfect solution if you travel abroad frequently and are sick of firangs treating you like dirt.

4.  Want more respect from boss, child, peer group? It’s all about the suit material, dude.

5. Wash clothes with a particular brand of detergent and guarantee your husband’s next big promotion

6. Ladies, apply a fairness cream and within 7 days bring back the romance in your marriage. You could even make it to the cover of a woman’s magazine. Gentlemen, there is hope for you too. Start using your brand of fairness cream and you could finally find your macho identity.

7. Tired of being pushed around by bullies and boors?  A chewing gum should help you get back at them.

Charles Revson co-founder of Revlon, once famously said:  ‘In our factory we make cosmetics. In the store we sell hope’. While some brands stretch the promise a bit too far, here’s to hope. Here’s to a better future for all of us. Have a great 2010, dear reader.

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