Volkswagen Beetle: breaking clutter by being part of the clutter

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In most Indian cities and small towns, billboards are part of the urban landscape. Over time, they have proliferated to become an eyesore. Several initiatives have been mounted to control & regulate the myriad hoardings in city centres. Cities like Chennai have banned hoardings outright. In this milieu, this hoarding for Volkswagen Beetle, turns this apparent disadvantage into an advantage.

Agency: DDB Mudra. Image source: afaqs

Does it add to the eyesore or is it effective use of space? I think t works because the only element across all the hoardings is the car and not umpteen other design elements. Nice.

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  1. This is too good. Talking of hoardings and VW, there is a hoarding on Hosur road, Bangalore (the stretch beside the military school, after the Forum Mall). It features the VW logo (big, bold and prominent). It also has a small toy-car (static) that is placed on the VW logo. The position of this car changes everyday. i.e. the W is used as the route of the car!
    I am not very sure about a layman observing such minute details but I liked the innovative thinking. You should check it out.

  2. Sorry for asking a totally irrelavent question in the comments section of this article.
    I have seen the ad for that wagonR car where they show madhavan growing apples. At last he gives credit of his success to the car.
    How does the ad makes believe viewers that the success belongs to the car. If it doesn’t, then is this kind of advertising totally ridiclued in the ad-world or is there any significance in this kind.

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