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Best of European advertising: Epica 2010


Europe’s premier advertising awards – Epica announced its 2010 winners recently. While popular ads from South America & the Far East make it to creative aggregators like Ads of the World, the ones from East Europe are not that visible. Epica provides a chance to see such work. Herewith a selection of winners from across categories, which caught my eye: Agency: TBWA/Paris Agency:...

What’s the future of Apple?


While chatting with a senior advertising professional (the erudite kind, who commands a lot of respect and whom I look up to) today, the issue of Apple & its future came up. In his view, Apple will go bust. The reasoning: it is too dependent on one individual (Steve Jobs). He went on to add that Apple turned around recently thanks to the iPod and then the iPhone – both disruptive...

Marketing to kids, then and now


Stumbled upon a collection of vintage Indian prints ads today. Was particularly amused by the tone & manner of ads targeted at kids of those days. The ones for Morton chocolates, Nutrine and Leo Toys – set in an era of GEC radios and BSA-SLRs. Cut to, urban kids of today who grow up playing games on smart phones and the iPad. The rich media and ease of use of devices like the iPad are a...

Decoding the new marketing


Launching a new product or campaign in this cluttered world is tough. In developed markets like the US, it’s even tougher. The low attention span and high sophistication levels of consumers is forcing marketers to consider newer ways of reaching out to their audiences. We saw the example of Jet Blue, where they resorted to ‘reality’ TVCs, as it were. Even with the launch of...

21 ads from the London Long Copy Challenge


The results of the London Long Copy Challenge are out. Here are 21 of the entries that caught my eye. Not all the entries are goose-flesh stuff. Neither do all of them motivate & involve you to read the long cop. But the ones that do, showcase how best long copy ads work.
View all the entries here.
My favourities? WH Smith one and the Lend with Care ones. Yours?

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