Old Spice Jungle Wilderness: pitfalls of expectations

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A new ad for Old Spice Danger Zone is doing the rounds of ad blogs. Even if wasn’t intended it will be compared to the wildly successful ‘Smell like a man’ campaign featuring Isaiah Mustafa.

The ‘Be a man, man’ set of ads had a deadly combination of intriguing visuals and biting copy ((‘Look at your man, now back to me’). The copy went on to be part of popular culture even leading to spoofs. The Jungle Wilderness ad in contrast is largely ‘seen before’ visuals. Nice work by The Mill, though. Will this become a viral rage?

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  1. Doesn't really have the charm and crush-appeal of Isaiah Mustafa no?

    • Absolutely. The gags (being run over by a truck) too have been seen before. I think the big difference was in the charm of copy in the Isaiah ads – not to mention Isaiah himself.

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