Pampers Little Miracles: big on impact

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Pampers is celebrating its 50th year with an initiative called Little Miracle Mission in the US. At the heart of the year-long program is an appeal to the general public: show acts of kindness to expectant or new mothers. To start things off, people are urged to make the upcoming Mothers Day special one for expectant & new moms.

Give a mom a smile, offer her your seat, buy flowers for a mom-to-be, send her a gift or surprise her with a hand-written note; something to remind her that it’s her special day.

If they get 2500 such commitments, Pampers will throw over 1000 baby showers for expectant mothers. Supporting this campaign in mass media is a touching TV commercial:

What I liked about the initiative is that it is not stopping at an emotional, ‘tug-at-the-heartstrings’ TVC. They are practicing what they preach by celebrating Little Miracles. Such a program is tailor-made for social media: people love to talk about their little bundle of joy as is evident in the stories at the Facebook page. The program is just another reminder that nowadays, one can’t just stop at a TVC.

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