Windows 8 global ads: dramatising the experience

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The global ad campaign for Windows 8 is out. Interestingly, the core concept was developed by Crispin, Porter and Bogusky in the US, while JWT Brazil and China brought the idea to life for Latin America & China markets. And Wunderman acted as the hub of localization and distribution of the creative materials.

According to the Windows 8 official blog:

The idea behind the campaign is to be more motivating, more rooted in the product experience – less tell and more show – by connecting in an emotional and culturally relevant way that maps to the breadth of the global reach.

 I think it works for two reasons:
– there is considerable curiosity & interest generated for the Windows 8 platform thanks mainly to the radical UI. The ‘Metro’ design has attracted attention among Windows fans, especially on the mobile platform.
– consumers and tech pundits are also keen to see how the Surface tablet performs in the context of frenzied activity on the tablet front (iPad range, Kindle, Nexus and Samsung being serious players already).
The ads play on this curiosity by focusing on the ‘drool factor’. The sheer visual appeal pulls you in and its all tied together with the ‘seamless experience’ story and catchy music. As the Microsoft blog said, ‘less tell and more show’.

Microsoft is betting big on Windows 8 and it shows in the scale of marketing. Despite what the pundits predict, I think the response to Windows 8 will be enthusiastic from consumer segment. I took the beta version for a spin too and was pretty impressed. The enterprise market will ‘wait and watch’ to see if its another Vista. So exciting times ahead in the personal tech space with many brands promising the right experience & fit with your lifestyle.
In markets like India, where Microsoft’s halo is even more brighter, I guess it will do well in all the segments – desktop, laptop and mobile. As an Apple fan, I hope it gives Android a run for its money in the mobile space. Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. <grin>
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