Creativity from 15 digital years ago: 44 print ads from Epica 2008

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Stephen Fry wrote that a single human year is really three digital years. By that yardstick, 2008 was 15 digital years ago. I was intrigued to see some of the popular and award winning work from that era, if you can call it that. What won in ‘integrated advertising’ or ‘media innovation’ were largely devoid of any ‘tech inputs’. In contrast, technology (mobile phone apps, augmented reality, digital platforms etc.) is playing an increasingly  vital role in advertising over the last two years. In that context, the print ads have remained ‘unchanged’ so to say – they are still visual lead ideas, supported by copy. Herewith a few:

Organic Delivery: loved the light hearted nature of the headline and how art complimented them.

01_00621_001_Organic-tea 01_00621_002_Organic-Garlic 01_00621_003_Organic-Blueberries

Eurostar: a bit of a stretch in terms of ‘qualifying’ the price but striking nevertheless.

07_04396_EUROSTAR 4X3 Hallu66GB

Swiss Fashion Outlet: brought a smile; the contrast between the setting and the upscale imagery of the category was fun.


Hornbach Home Improvement: DIY is big in European countries and homes are usually posh. Nice juxtaposition of what’s possible and the contrasting visuals.

08_02648_001_HOUSE 08_02648_002_pool 08_02648_003_SAUNA

iPod: mix your music with movies – nice integration of the product features into the creative idea. Loved the James Blunt one.

11_02203_001_JamesBond_A4 11_02203_002_Matrix_A4 11_02203_003_Zorro_A4

PSP: a product ‘so addictive, you’ll be engrossed in it no matter what’ is a creative route with many possibilities. These two bring out a laugh.

11_02342_001_11_02342_SONY_ESPOSADO_11_1_ 11_02342_002_11_02345_SONY_FALDA_11

Rowen: a common enough proposition for the category (feel the music) but executed strikingly.

11_04487_001_Rowen_Anzeige_1 11_04487_002_Rowen_Anzeige_2 11_04487_003_Rowen_Anzeige_3

Medal of Honour: one of the many award-winnign ads from Dubai agencies (this one is from Y&R, I think). Dubai has produced many campaigns executed to global standards – an area where India perhaps is behind them.

11_04645_001_goodbye 11_04645_002_proud_mother 11_04645_003_backhome

Braun: much awarded and showcased ad, deservedly so.

15_01244_001_Braun_Chimp_Series_1 15_01244_002_Braun_Orang-Utan_Series_3 15_01244_003_Braun_Baboon_Series_5 15_01244_004_Braun_Gorilla_Series_7

Dolormin: Ouch. The idea takes a while to dawn on you perhaps? But when it does, ouch, it drives home the point.

15_01552_001_Dolormin_Fast_pain_relief_hunter_Magazine 15_01552_002_Dolormin_Fast_pain_relief_mechanic_Magazine 15_01552_003_Dolormin_Fast_pain_relief_worker_Magazine

Voltaren: it is a gel used for the relief of joint pain of osteoarthritis in the knees & ankles. The pain felt by the sufferer brought alive beautifully – where even a small chore seems like an impossible task.

15_02381_001_Trouser 15_02381_002_Baby 15_02381_003_Cheese 15_02381_004_RemoteControl

Otrivin: ‘even the experts will be fooled’ kind of proposition on what happens when nose block strikes.

15_02405_001_Winter 15_02405_002_Fox_Fall

IWC: the classic visual pun for a water-resistant watch

17_00702_NEW IMAGE Fish_300dpi_cmyk_IWCAquatimer_eng copy

Reynolds: a nice take on the ‘Before-After’ format.


Museum of Childhood: very insightful and super art direction.

21_00610_001_MOC_Barbie 21_00610_002_MOC_Inky.Tongue 21_00610_003_MOC_Greyskull 21_00610_004_MOC_Robot

Inlingua: Perfect your English and Business English – two different approaches to the same problem.

23_00808_003_Inlingua_BE_Press_3 23_00808_002_Inlingua_BE_Press_2 23_00808_001_Inlingua_BE_Press_1 23_00730_003_anzeige_EN-3 23_00730_002_anzeige_EN-2 23_00730_001_anzeige_EN-1

Which ones were your favourites?

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