Loved every bit of Tesco’s #LoveEveryMouthful by Wieden+Kennedy

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Tesco has  launched a new campaign, Love Every Mouthful,  highlighting its fresh food credentials. As the corporate blog explainsIt’s our way of celebrating food in all its glory. We all lead busy lives and it’s easy to lose touch with what food is really about. It’s not just a fuel. It’s a daily pleasure, something to savour and to share.’

Agency: W+K,London

Admittedly, ‘passionate for food’ is not path-breakingly new for a grocery store chain, as Dominic Mills points out. But the execution (especially the film) is engaging and passes the first test of advertising in flying colours: noticeability. It also gets the viewer interacting with the visuals and the message in an emotional manner.


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You can view the second TV spot here.

I thought what worked was the strict adherence to category code of food advertising: make it mouth wateringly good.

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