Lovely use of @Medium by @GreyLondon to promote ‘Swedish Air’

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Lots of good things about this campaign to promote Volvo’s XC90. Firstly, the idea emanates from the product. XC90 apparently has the cleanest engine performance in its class. It also has an air filtration system, CleanZone, that regulates the car’s interior air quality. This anchor about the product is then given a creative expression:

Rather than labouring the technicalities of the remarkable clean air filtration unit in the the upcoming XC90, it has taken a far more sensory approach. Volvo is selling the virtues of Swedish Air itself.

The films are very unlike an automobile ad – in fact, there are no car shots at all. The quiet, unspoilt Swedish landscape acts as a metaphor for the engine performance. The sound design in the ads is absolutely brilliant – the film manages to keep you riveted with a great combination of audio and visuals.

Agency: Grey, London

According to Brand Republic, Grey also collaborated with New York based glass studio Off Centre to create a “Swedish air inhaler” that offers users a deep breath of fresh air. The inhaler will be used at car shows and dealerships to draw attention to the clean air filter system.

Volvo Swedish Air

What I loved was also the use of Medium to showcase the elements of the campaign – the background story, the films and the ‘air inhaler’. Nice work – very different from the recent Volvo ad showcasing the extreme weather conditions of Sweden.

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