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Nike, Laphroaig #OpinionsWelcome and more: creative ideas of the week


Between bookmarked sites and subscribed feeds which showcase advertising, I come across many new creative ideas every week. As with advertising in real life, only a handful are memorable. Here are my picks for the week ending 25th September 2015. Nike First, take a look at this 2012 ad, if you haven’t already. Then come back and watch this one. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy All that needs to be...

Startup lure can be deceptive


A comment made by Alok Goel, MD at SAIF Partners struck a chord in me. While talking about startups and entrepreneurship he said, ‘don’t get lured by the ‘sexiness’ or glamour associated with entrepreneurship.” Unless you have an idea that addresses an issue or a problem that needs to be addressed, your startup is bound to fail’. As someone who went through an independent phase, trying to build a...

Good design: moat against competition for brands


There was an interesting discussion on what ails the design industry in India over at Storyboard featuring some industry insiders. Herewith some unsolicited thoughts on the subject: Good design is the best, often only, competitive edge The days of genuine, tangible product-driven USP are long over. Parity is the norm across brands in most categories. Price can be competitive edge in the short...

Is humour an effective route for a serious topic like gun control?


A brilliant set of ads for Evolve USA, is shortlisted at the Clio Awards 2015. The ads advocate gun control through a simple,thought-provoking proposition: if they find it, they’ll play with it. Agency: McCann Erickson While ads are creative and funny, will they be effective in creating a change in behaviour towards gun possession & usage. Gun control is hotly debated in the US, with...

#AppleEvent: observations on the presentation


The residual image of ‘Apple Keynote’ in most people’s minds is likely to be that of a large visual of an Apple product showcased in a dark grey screen or held in the hands of an Apple executive in the same dark grey screen as background . It has been so for years now and it is not by accident. Every little detail of an Apple Keynote presentation is planned and executed meticulously. Well, almost...

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