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Snickers, Nike and more: 5 top creative ads of the week


Every day we come across hundreds of commercial messages. Most of them aren’t even noticed. Here are a few creative ads which stood out from the clutter for me the last week: a continuing campaign for Snickers, Nike’s reaction on social media regarding a decision taken by the French Open authorities and more. 1. Snickers: one for two Kudos to the team at BBDO and Snickers for...

Aviation Gin, Audi and more: 6 top creative ads of the week


This week’s top picks include Out of Office replies (yes, you read that right) for Aviation Gin and other creative ads for Audi, Pepsi and more. 1. Aviation Gin: Out of Office replies I wrote about Aviation Gin’s ads featuring Ryan Reynolds earlier this year. The marketing of the brand is in top gear with product placements in late night TV shows in the US. But what is unusual is a...

Dove ‘I’m Fine’, Land Rover and more: 6 top creative ads of the week


The first job of advertising is to get noticed. If not noticed, everything else (engagement, sharing, ‘conversation’ etc.,) is academic. Here are a few creative ads which I noticed over the last week or so. 1. Dove: I’m Fine Ever since they launched the ‘Real Beauty’ campaign, I have been amazed at the various dimensions that big idea can highlight. In the latest...

Social media use or the lack of it, from ad agencies


Ever wondered why save for handful of ad agency accounts, a majority of agency brands hardly use social media effectively? I am sure they know that it can be be used to strengthen the equity of the company brand but they hardly get down to ‘doing’ it.  It is not a recent phenomenon. Traditionally ad agencies (especially the network agencies from India) have hardly maintained an active blog...

Of higher order benefit and purpose driven ads


In advertising, conveying the benefit of a product is considered more effective than simply listing features. It helps consumers relate to how it can play a role in their lives and not leave things to imagination. The benefits of a feature may not be immediately apparent to consumers too, especially if it is a new category.  The distinction between feature and benefit may not be immediately...

BT Sport, Volkswagen Tiguan and more: 7 top creative ads of the week


This week I noticed a slew of traditional TV spots which were compelling and conveyed the brand benefit in a memorable way. Here are my top 5 creative ads of the week: 1. BT Sport: Take them all on Advertising, as with any other popular culture is full of cliches. Sport advertising usually depicts athletic men in action on a sporting field or fans (mostly men) doing high fives and pumping fists...

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