Apple Watch: can three concentric circles evoke emotions?


At the recently concluded WWDC, Apple executives alluded to how Apple Watch users are addicted to completing the activity rings before the end of the day. watchOS 3 will even a new face showcasing the day’s activity rings. As an Apple Watch user I can vouch for the veracity in the claim that users are motivated to complete these rings. Looked at in isolation, they are just three concentric...

WWDC: of continuity, new paths and focus


Every Apple event follows a set pattern when it comes to media coverage: – First, speculation and rumours about what will be announced with some leaked images if there are hardware announcements expected – post the event, a report card of what was announced. The analysis will rarely be balanced with Apple fan sites going over the top while non-Apple fan sites will trash everything...

iPhone SE and winning in India the Apple way


The Apple Event held yesterday was low-key (‘underwhelming’ as many called it) with announcements along expected lines. The lack of energy was palpable in the presentation. But it is unfair to expect Apple to reveal a breakthrough product every year and deliver it in a high-energy, goose-flesh inducing presentation. That’s the price Apple is paying for setting the bar high. The iPhone...

Guest Post: The new Apple TVC: An unhappy Job


The moment I finished watching the new film, Our Signature, from Apple my heart sank a little. It has all the nice things in it, the right things, of how Apple makes our lives better. A sweet pleasant film. But will I watch it again? I doubt it. I doubt if many people will. My first thought was “Oh God, they have made a corporate film”. And that thought was nailed by the last frame “Designed by...

The negativity around Apple – the trouble with high expectations, wish to see the mighty fall


Apple Inc., delivered record results for the Oct-Dec’12 quarter and the stock market responded by pulling the stock down dramatically. Amazon delivered sub-par results for the same period and the stock went up 10%. What gives? Stock markets analysts have their own technical theories but I believe it boils down to a simple thing: high expectations from a brand. Not all brands and brand...

Nokia N97 and iPhone 3GS: similar India pricing, different reactions


Nokia’s N97 is set to be priced at around Rs.36k in India (approx. $750). The reaction, until now, is almost muted and nowhere near the strident notes regarding the iPhone 3G pricing of 31k-35k. And it is going to get worse with the impending iPhone 3GS launch. Why is this so? Herewith some plausible reasons: 1. Apple’s poor marketing communication in India: prior to the iPhone...

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