Views on Zomato outdoor and the MC-BC controversy


An outdoor campaign created by Zomato was in the spotlight last week. In my view, the campaign was brilliant as it had several good things going for it (a) it passed the first test of any advertising – to get noticed (b) the creative execution was largely based on popular culture references and brought a smile (c) they were best suited for a fleeting medium like outdoor – snappy...

9 top creative ads of the week: Macy’s, Spotify, M&M’s and more


Every day we come across hundreds of commercial messages. Only a handful are memorable. Here are a few creative ads which caught my eye, the week ending 1st December, 2017. Macy’s: The Perfect Gift Getting into the consideration set for Christmas shopping is the focus of virtually all retailers and several categories (gadgets, for example) which are suited for gifting. It is no wonder that...

IKEA Human Catalogue, Honda Fit Sport and more: creative ads of the week


1. IKEA Human Catalogue A critical piece of the IKEA marketing mix has been its catalogue. There have been several notable marketing activities centred around it over the years including outdoors which were pop stores, mobile app which uses augmented reality to bring alive the shopping experience, effective use of relevant social media platforms like Pinterest and even an Apple TV app.It makes...

BMW, JetBlue and more: 7 top creative ads of the week


1. BMW-M: Where Too Much Is Just Right Every major advertising category has its own ‘code’ – be it foods, luxury, consumer goods or automobiles. In automobile advertising, the most common format as it were is the montage of the vehicle driving through various terrains, interspersed with close ups of interiors, exterior features and such. In that context, here are a set of...

Spotify playlists, Take Note, Mazda and more: creative ideas of the week


It is said that a majority of advertising is mediocre and plain forgettable. While we all are exposed to hundreds of commercial messaging, only a handful are memorable. Here are a few which caught my eye over the week: Spotify’s new playlists campaign, Tanishq’s new TV ad and more. 1. Spotify: playlists Last year, Spotify created a cool outdoor campaign which presented data about the...

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