Arushi murder case: massacring the dead?

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It angers me to know that there is a high-decibel, systematic character assassination of a 14-year old girl, who is not here to defend herself, by the Government officials. I am referring to the high-profile Arushi murder case and the press conference held by the IG of Meerut – the one who kept referring to Dr. Rajesh Talwar as ‘Rrrjesh’.

I don’t expect our cops to be trained in media management. But it doesn’t take training, but sheer common sense not to vilify the dead, that too a 14-year old girl – in front of national media to boot. We are taught not to malign those who are dead. And despite so many inconclusive things in the case, we have a senior cop, happily referring to her ‘character’. At the press conference he said that ‘even ‘Rrrjesh was of not good character’, insinuating that even the daughter was of poor character. How insensitive can one get? Just because a 100 cameras are trained on you and you are facing pressure to solve a high-profile case, does it mean that you don’t care about the dead? That too a 14-year old girl? My heart goes out to the mother (irrespective of her role in the whole morbid affair) who has to be within earshot of all this.

This incident is perhaps a wake up call, specially for the elite in our society, who tend to have zero communication with their kids. The kids seem to lead a totally unsupervised life. With both the parents working and chasing career goals who has time for the kids? Even if communication exists, I doubt if there is bonding. Sweeping observation perhaps, but likely to be true more than ever before.

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  1. The first culprit in this case is the police. Just becuase you are slower to a snail and incompetent to solve the case with a considerable conviction, that doesnt mean you make a drama out of it. An affair between a 14 year old a 47 year old? Please give me a break!
    And if Mr. Talwar is the real sinner then i must say that human civilization is marching towards hell and darkness. Plus, as you mentioned about parents being too much behind money and not able to give enough attention. They plan for the future and forget the present.

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