iPhone: phone or computing platform?

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Been following the developments of the WWDC through live blogs at Engadget and Gizmodo. The event is showcasing Apple’s support for Microsoft Exchange, applications developed for the iPhone by 3rd-party developers (the Software Development Kit or SDK was made available to them in February 2008) and some new end-user features. Those who made the applications for the iPhone or iPod Touch could test them in an iPhone simulator (the banner promoting this at the WWDC conference said: iPhone Simulator. Actual results will not vary) and could load it on to the machines by paying a $99 iPhone Developer Program fee.

What this has done is to open up a totally new platform for developers. Even the first version of iPhone was the closest one could get to a mobile computer. This would perhaps take it one step further.

WWDC 2008

When I last checked, some mouth watering games, an eBay client, a blogging client from TypePad, an app from Associated Press were being showcased at the event. The games look mouth-watering even for a non-gamer like me and nothing like what I ever saw on a mobile phone. Apart from the fun apps, here’s a cool app that’s likely to make learning easy. All these will and more will be available at the App Store. Modality is an app for medical students:


Just look at the pic above. It makes even mundane subjects mouth wateringly good.

My recent experience with iPod Touch has given a new meaning to mobile surfing – it renders pages like nothing before. With cool apps like this the next edition of iPhone is likely to be even more addictive…if that’s possible.

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