Airtel DTH launch ad: brilliant

The launch ad for Airtel’s DTH service is out and its by far the best in the category. It has a great mix of scale, relevance and a clear, compelling benefit.

What I liked about it is the bigness (no pun intended) it achieves without resorting to complicated computer graphics. The idea of ‘come home to the stars’ is nicely captured in the execution. The progressive reveal of stars works very well too. Just a minor grouse though – were the teasers well integrated with this ad in terms of look & feel? Not sure. But the launch ad definitely makes the brand endearing. And also the brand name – Digital TV – it’s all fine to appropriate the generic term but the name does not roll of the tongue easily.

As an aside, Big TV decided to spoof the teasers with their own version. I didn’t think that was clever. One normally spoofs a competitor’s ad or a well-known ad if the ad is well, er…well-known. The Airtel teasers were not such a rage (and many would not have known that it is Airtel’s DTH) that people would see the connect with Big TV.

There have been other TV commercials of late which used many celebrities in one TVC (Hero Honda – need I say more?). But this one stands out because the celebrities are well integrated with the central idea and are not used as mere props or singing stars. Did the Airtel DTH ad launch ad work for you? Do tell.

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