Miller High Life’s One Second TV spots

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Yes, you heard that right. Miller High Life has decided that spending US$ 30million for a 30-second ad (that’s $100,000 a second or Rs. 5mn per second!) during the upcoming Super Bowl 2009 event, scheduled for Feb 1, was a bit too much. Instead of pulling out of the event totally, Saatchi & Saatchi, NY have cleverly created a series of one-second spots for them. They feature their popular delivery man from the earlier commercials. The website, says that paying $30mn for a 30-second spot makes as much sense as putting sauerkraut on a doughnut. The videos of ‘rejects & outtakes’ have already found their way to YouTube.

Not only is this a clever way of squeezing the best out of a an expensive television event, it also goes a long way in furthering the perception of a honest-to-goodness, great value beer. It also cocks-a-snook at competition (Anheuser-Busch) who have bought 4 minutes of ad time on the event. And by creating the website a full week before the event they have got the buzz going. Awesome.

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