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Coke Open Happiness: another one bites the dost


The tag line is great. With two pithy words – Open Happiness – Coke managed to convey a lot – it is inviting, inclusive and a call to action. With the international advertising, it’s been a case of the tag line building great expectations, but the creative falling a tad short – at least for me. Among the recent international ads with this theme, I liked Crave and not...

Web-only TV ads: will Indian brands follow suit?


TV ads meant for viewing only on the web have become common of late in the West. They started off as postings on YouTube because the original ad meant for TV was too risque for airing. Ads for GoDaddy come to mind. Recently, TV commercials for brands like Cadburys (Eyebrows) and Bud Light have been specifically created for the web. The Bud Light one would have had no chance of airing on prime...

Kitkat website where nothing happens: what’s the point?


KitKat has created a website where nothing happens. Dubbed the First Worldwide WebSite Where Nothing Happens, (oooh, how creative) this is meant to be an extension of the ‘Take a Break’ platform. The initial loading message has a flashing list of all the things that keep us busy during the day. And then comes the page where nothing happens. If you stay long enough on the site, you...

Pepsi logo and poppycock


Being in the advertising business, one is used to hearing (and practicing) some amount of exaggeration. One is also familiar with complex explanations of what a logo, font or colour represents, specially when it comes to brand identity. When the Canara Bank logo was unveiled the PR blurb said: rich blue connote stability, scale and depth while the bright yellow depicts optimism, warmth and energy...

Parle G new ad: Aamir’s genius


The ‘G maane genius’ theme’s latest rendition features Aamir Khan & Darsheel of Taare Zameen Par fame. Together their mental alacrity gets them out of a tight spot.

Smart use of Aamir & Darsheel. Now, imagine the same script without these celebs and the associated perceptions from their movies. Not quite the same thing, right?

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