Kindle takes on books

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Saw this over at the (new, improved) Ads of the World. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at how cumbersome books can be, compared to Kindle. It’s all fine to take the humour route, but saying ‘Books suck’? That’s a bit much, considering that the potential buyer of a Kindle is likely to be an avid book reader.


When the iPod was launched, it focused on the single biggest advantage – ‘carry 1000 songs in your pocket’, without dissing competition. While Kindle may have its advantages, an avid book lover who has grown up reading an actual book will find the argument that books suck, unbelievable. Having said that any new technology that seeks to replace a familiar format or habit, takes this route. Remember the first BPL Mobile ads which showed the traditional phone booths being blown up?

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