Bajaj Pulsar: fastest Indian makes an impression

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On my first view of the new Bajaj Pulsar commercial, I only happened to catch the 2nd half. I was curious to know more since the execution was very ‘phoren’ and intriguing replete with ‘El Bank’, an English track and cops in ‘70s cars. The commercial is well made and judging by the comments over at YouTube, it is popular and liked.

What stood out for me was the casting of the protagonist– the Charles Sobhraj like unconventional looks and the cool-as-cucumber bad boy attitude made familiar by Hollywood films – is perfect. The track is a killer choice too (is it a Bo Diddley song?). Forget the fact that the bike’s performance is not really showcased and the fact that he simply disappears would have been corny if the film wasn’t executed stylishly.

The website to support the TVC isn’t very unconventional, unlike the TVC which is a pity. As part of the goodies it also has a ‘web conqueror’ where a URL you type in is ‘taken over’ by the tyre streaks of the Pulsar.

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  1. no its not the Bo Diddley song ……still searching….let me know in case u find out

  2. hey.. can anyone tell me how to find this song by el espanges.. any download link?

  3. please send the link for this song “i am the man”.have searched the entire net .cant find the song nor the artist el espanges

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