Wait, Guinness gets a new tagline

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Guinness has dropped the classic, ‘good things come to those who wait’ tagline, after using it for 10 years. A new spot, just as mega as some of the earlier ones, shows a bunch of guys bring ‘things’ to life – a barren landscape, dragging fields of grass and such like.

It’s got the scale alright –  but what it has to do with Guinness is a bit tenuous. According to this article, ‘as the 90-second commercial unfolds Guinness aims to draw a parallel with the famous “surge and settle” motion that typifies the pouring of a pint and introduce the new strapline “Bring it to life”. The earlier tagline could be linked back to ‘waiting for the perfect pint’ and by implication, Guinness. It was also linked to the product consumption – the length of time required to correctly pour a pint of Guinness from the tap, usually quoted as 119.5 seconds.

Guinness has a long history of ‘ownable’ tag lines – My goodness, my Guinness, for example. Is ‘Bring it to life’ ownable? I guess given the media exposure and buzz on the internet, it eventually will. They have tied up with Google Earth to allow web users to bring an imaginary plane to life – so knowing Guinness, they will have some jaw dropping stuff online as we go along to match the scale of the TVC. Is it worth it?

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  1. While the earlier thought was all about pouring the Guinness out of a tap…this one might be for the Guiness out of a can. Each can has a nitrogen ball locked inside the can which is relased when you open the can… need to pour the can into the glass (not gently slide the beer along the side of the glass like other lagers). The beer needs to fall directly to the bottom of the glass and then you let the beer rest for two minutes till the violent reaction of the gas and beer settles to give you the famed guiness head!

    I think this commercial superbly brings out the analogy of the charge of the beer in a glass! Love it as much as i love my glass of Guiness!

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