Seen and noted: Kleenex Let It Out

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It’s only a box of tissues. But the level of consumer engagement being created around Kleenex, the Kimberley-Clark owned brand is amazing. In UK, they have launched a new TVC for their theme ‘let it out’. The theme isn’t just about cleaning your snot: ‘When people let go, they feel free and relieved. We all carry a lot of emotional weight inside, and it’s high time we let it out‘, says the UK website.

Agency: JWT. Via: The Inspiration Room Daily

On a related note, there are several interactive and themed promotions on Kleenex across their variants: Get Mommed, for one. It’s a topical promo – the premise being that during this winter season you need some TLC from a ‘mom’ and you have the chance to choose your mom. More on this later. No wonder efforts like this makes the brand generic to the category.

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