Bhatnaturally: part of Best Business Blog nominations

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This must be a mistake. Bhatnaturally has been nominated in the Best Business Blogs category at The Indibloggies – the Indian Weblog Awards 2008. The full list is here.

Some of my favourites among the other categories:

Bengalooru Banter

Ramesh Srivats’ Twitter Feed and his personal blog

Doing Jalsa Showing Jilpa

Son of Bosey

Domain Maximus

The jury has nominated the blogs. I guess voting will start soon. When it does, vote for me!

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  1. Hey Mr. Bhat. This is great news. Congrats…
    And the voting part, you can count on me for sure.


    My vote is reserved for you. Love reading your blog.


  3. I am delighted that a blog that I visit everyday religiously has been nominated. Good and shows that I am reading the right stuff…..Congratulations. You deserve to be there….for all the effort you’ve put in.
    My vote is logged in.

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