Vodafone’s one second billing: small talk, big performances


Vodafone’s response to the Tata Docomo onslaught on one-second billing is a set of 30-seconders focused on the ability of ‘small conversations’ to say it all. What sets apart these minimalist ads is the quality of performances (almost as good as their own ad released earlier this year). The ‘couple’ one especially, has great casting. Every little gesture of the lady conveys so much without uttering a word. The eager wait for husband’s reaction, the satisfied smile on her face, the twinkle in her eyes – convey so much without uttering a word. You can almost picture her thoughts.

Airtel has attempted something similar with SRK but it didn’t touch a chord. Aircel took a rational approach conveying the benefit – not paying for what you don’t use. It’s all a haze of similar one second claims out there. When you are not the first one to claim it, refreshing takes like this help to gain some lost ground.


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