Gillette: groin and bear it

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Razor blade brands seem to be taking a suddent interest in the nether parts of your body. Wilkinson Sword started it all with their coy, ‘Mow the lawn’ ad which has become popular in the viral video charts. Gillette, has now released a set of videos, which includes tips for men on general body shaving including head, chest, armpits and um, er…the groin.

Gillette groin shaving

Classic P&G advertising was once seen as straight forward, product centric, even boring. Of late, several P&G brands have seen cut-through advertising globally – Ariel, Tide 2 Go among others. Gillette, a P&G company has got people talking about this campaign. Given that this is a subject most blokes shy away from talking, that is commendable. In India, ads for sanitary napkins used to refer to periods as ‘those days’ (un dinon) and have only recently begun using the word ‘period’ even in the Hindi ads.

As an aside, I remember seeing a UK print ad for a men’s shaver brand (forget which one) with the proposition, ‘because you can’t get your private parts shaved in a salon’ with the visual showing an earnest barber peering down the you-know-what. I prefer the ‘trim the hedges and the house looks bigger’ approach!

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