Epica Awards 2009: Mercedes Benz meets Malayalam

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The winners of the 2009 European Advertising Festival – Epica Awards, were announced recently. Surprisingly, UK was not the lead country in terms of winners – it was Germany.

Epica Winners

Among the finalists in the Automotive Category is this campaign from Jung von Matt/Limmat AG (Zurich) for Mercedes Benz. Palindromes aren’t new in this category. But this 6-ad campaign to promote the reversing camera, appealed to me since the lines were unexpected, fresh. Hell a lot of hard work must have gone in here.

Mercedes-MayanMercedes - Cat

Among the creative award sites, Epica is a boon for ad hoarders like yours truly. The static media work is displayed in full hi-res glory unlike the flash media files in other award sites. It is also interesting to see work from Sweden, Norway and other European countries – they don’t usually make their way into YouTube or the ad aggregator blogs. A lot of it is rooted in local culture & language. And viewers outside of these countries may find some of the ads too risque for TV. More on Epica in future posts.

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