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Volkswagen Beetle: breaking clutter by being part of the clutter


In most Indian cities and small towns, billboards are part of the urban landscape. Over time, they have proliferated to become an eyesore. Several initiatives have been mounted to control & regulate the myriad hoardings in city centres. Cities like Chennai have banned hoardings outright. In this milieu, this hoarding for Volkswagen Beetle, turns this apparent disadvantage into an advantage...

Seen and noted: LifeNK packaging


SpaceNK is a chain of outlets whose avowed philosophy is: to source and offer a carefully edited selection of high quality, original and effective beauty products from innovators and specialists around the world. The packaging for one of their brands, LifeNK is doing the rounds of design & packaging blogs. It’s not hard to see why. Via: Lovely Packaging I loved the little squiggles of...

WorldSpace India: were they listening to consumers?


So another brand is dead. WorldSpace India is winding up services from Dec 31 this year. Around 300 of it’s employees in Bangalore have been given the pink slip. The 450,000 subscribers have been left in the lurch too – with many of them (including yours truly) having paid for a year in advance. And having to wonder what to do with the hardware which is rendered useless suddenly. A...

When ads become spoof-worthy


Parodies are very common in movies: either trashing a particular genre (like in Scary Movie or Airplane!) or paying tribute to something that is timeless – ‘I’ll be back’ dialogue or scenes from The Godfather. In advertising too, parodies are common. Popular iconic brand campaigns – Absolut, MasterCard’s Priceless series, Apple’s Get a Mac and Benetton...

LG’s ‘Give it a ponder’: PSA with a difference


Campaigns which don’t aim to sell the product but hope to creative a positive imagery are quite limited in the telecom category. What sticks in the mind are campaigns urging you to talk more (even walk more) and increase usage occasions – call your mum, stay connected with your friends online and such like. The public service advertising that comes from them is usually to do with...

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