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What to do with Goafest?


While Goafest 2010 is done, it’s seems to be far from dusted. Campaign India reports that four agencies could be stripped off their medals, since some of the jury members voted for their own agency’s work. Comical stuff. The relevance of the event was questioned on CNBC’s Storyboard recently wherein senior industry folks talked about things that need to be improved in order to...

Frooti: of canned laughter and fresh ideas


My first reaction on seeing the new work on Frooti was, ‘Wow, here’s an interesting idea!’. Sometimes, interesting is also used as a response to work you don’t like, but this was not that kind of ‘interesting’. I think it is a bold idea and the attempt to do something different in the category must be applauded. Kudos to both Creativeland Asia and Nirvana Films...

Crowdsourcing advertising ideas from consumers – will it work?


Everyone’s an expert in advertising. Shove an ad under their nose and ask  for an opinion and they will find fault with the headline, the visual or both. They will comment on every aspect of a TV ad –  script, dialogues, anything. No, I am not talking about a Focus Group situation – I am talking about the ordinary consumer. Not surprising, since we all react similarly to several...

IPL sponsorship: which brands benefited the most?


Telecast sponsorship and spot-buy hasn’t been cheap during IPL 3. The impact shows – most of the ads on air are of short duration. IPL is clearly the premier sporting event on TV, quite like the Super Bowl. The ads have largely been shorter edits of theme commercials with some like Axe and Idea’s Oongli Cricket using the event smartly. Even though Vodafone had a brand new series...

Indian Panga League: web-only TV ads take shape in India


Sometime back, I had wondered if Indian brands will take to web-only TV ads. It’s quite common abroad with brands like Bud Light, Philips, Cadbury and several others creating ads meant for YouTube and other video sharing channels. They take a life of their own with view counts running into millions. Virgin Mobile has created a channel called The Indian Panga League on YouTube. It is...

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