Indian Panga League: web-only TV ads take shape in India

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Sometime back, I had wondered if Indian brands will take to web-only TV ads. It’s quite common abroad with brands like Bud Light, Philips, Cadbury and several others creating ads meant for YouTube and other video sharing channels. They take a life of their own with view counts running into millions.

Virgin Mobile has created a channel called The Indian Panga League on YouTube. It is essentially a series of phone conversations fans of the various IPL teams have with each other.

Agency: Bates 141

Not all the commercials are equally funny but I think IPL fans will find several of them amusing. What’s more, there are zillions of ads over there and should provide for hours of time pass. I haven’t seen them on TV, so I am guessing this is a web-only effort. That also explains the liberal dose of bleeped out expletives.

Interesting use of online media – proof that web is turning out to be a serious option for certain categories in India? What say?

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