Holidays without Internet: brilliant use of Facebook Connect

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Remember the cute TV commercial for Switzerland Tourism – meant to convey that Switzerland is more than just mountains? It featured two lovable villagers who discover the hustle & bustle of the big city. They are now back in a fantastic video promo – Holidays Without Internet.

It works like this: you watch a video featuring these 2 guys in a cyber cafe, supposedly chatting with each other on Facebook. When you connect to their ‘chat window’ using Facebook Connect, the result is a conversation featuring you and your Facebook page! The chat not just pulls your name as part of the conversation but makes some witty comments about your status updates and photos. The lead up is to convey a message that you are spending way too much time on Facebook and its time for you to head to the Swiss mountains – a promotional contest message follows. I thought it was a refreshing use of Facebook Connect and a seamless fit with the promotional message for Swiss Tourism.

The campaign has everything going for it – engagement, surprise, personalization. What’s more, it taps into the belief that we all are spending way too much time on social media sites – and the message of a Swiss Holiday without any internet connectivity fits in very well there. I like.

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