Frooti: of canned laughter and fresh ideas

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My first reaction on seeing the new work on Frooti was, ‘Wow, here’s an interesting idea!’. Sometimes, interesting is also used as a response to work you don’t like, but this was not that kind of ‘interesting’. I think it is a bold idea and the attempt to do something different in the category must be applauded. Kudos to both Creativeland Asia and Nirvana Films.

Having seen only the first (‘Sidewalk’) film, I had wondered if fatigue would set in fast in this campaign (after all, once you know that a giant mango is going to fall down from a tree, how often can you watch it?) but the creator of the campaign thought I was over-analyzing. Judging by the comments over at Campaign India, industry folks seem to like it overall, though some experts feel this campaign doesn’t contain an insight and may not cut ice with Indians. I think the reactions of the onlookers would provide the repeat value – the equivalent of a twist or that unique expression in a regular, story-line commercial. I tend to agree on the canned laughter bit – we are so used to hearing them on totally unfunny serials and Laughter Shows that we associate it with unfunny stuff. It’s as if the makers are urging, almost pleading with you to laugh. Laughter on the other hand works best when it’s spontaneous, a response to the right stimulus. Oh god, maybe I am analyzing it too much.

The campaign strengthens Froot’is mango association, will it sell more Frootis?

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  1. Loved it when I first saw it, which was very recently. CLA is on a roll, and deservedly so (as an aside, I loved Hippo which was a brilliant idea ,very well executed. Loved the first-person-shooter sort of treatment.)

    There are two parts to this film, as your post suggests. Is it interesting enough to make you want to watch it? Yes, i'd think so. You watch it and wonder where all of this is leading to. Is there a surprising end to all of it, as a sort of kicker? Perhaps, in that practical joke-candid camera reveal. Gets the brand noticed, so the advertising job is done, to my mind.

    At first, seems a little bit off the baseline. But who knows what other executions are? Am I mistaken, or did they also do the "slurrp" campaign earlier on Frooti? (sound from the tetra pack)

    • Yeah I liked the idea too. With events, ambient ideas planned the idea should come alive beyond TV. Good to see a reality TV appeach rather than the typical TV ad. Yes these guys did the slurp one too.

  2. Sriram Iyer Reply

    I like it. Different approach, not sexing up mango- like Aamsutra, just some mindless fun. There could be no insight, but ads can do without it too- why does logical reasoning take center stage in Indian advertising? Buy my product *because* – it has this and that – or it will do a world of good to your social status.

  3. Saw the ad on youtube and must say its a great idea with lot of novelty .. Atleast some brand is daring to do something different in the industry full of stereotypes .. look at Akshay kumar doin same stunts campaign after campaign for thums up or Jr AB boring us with his ungli cricket !!

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