Seen and noted: award nominees for Goafest

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The nominees for the Creative Awards at Goafest were on display, as is customary, at the venue. Here are a few that caught my eye:

This ad (poster?) for Nima says that stains are not just on your clothes. Nice insight.

Another activity based on a real insight is this one for Whisper. In India, women’s hygiene products are still taboo. When women buy sanitary napkins they (sanitary napkins, not the women) are wrapped in a brown paper bag or a black plastic bag. To help women store and dispose sanitary pads easily, Whisper distributed empty packs of what looked like a brand of chocolate or chips.

This is supposedly released for Bangalore Traffic Police. I don’t remember seeing it (I live in Bangalore). Nicely put together, though.

This direct mailer for Birla Mutual Fund uses a simple technique to convey growth of money – a kaliedoscope.

A carton for McDonalds that doubles up as a serving mat.

More ‘seen and noted’ work in the next post. As always, look forward to your comments.

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  1. Pretty evidently all scam… no wonder you haven't seen the bangalore creative ever.. LOL… thats the thing with these award shows.. why don't they just rejig the whole thing and make it the ideas awards or something.. at least this blatant lie of released campaign crap wont happen then.. so how is the goa heat treating you?

  2. Uhm… interestingly, I saw the Bangalore Safe Driving one just yesterday… a billboard near the Elgin Apartments junction on the way to Johnson Market. Quite powerful when you it hits you in the face just when you're waiting for the lights to turn green. Whodunit?

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