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Media as commodity and rise of the procurement guys


When I first read about an FMCG company asking media agencies to pay for a pitch (on a Twitter feed of a well known media personality in India), I couldn’t believe what I read. And then the news reports confirmed it: Reckitt Benckizer called for media agencies to pitch for their business by paying a pitch fee and committing to return 2.5% of the commission they (the media agencies) receive...

Apple & Consumer Reports: of PR losses and gains


Mention ‘iPhone 4’ now to anyone and chances are the response will be ‘faulty phone’. Apple’s detractors have always perceived the brand to be low on utility/value and high on aesthetics. This whole antenna problem falls right into their waiting hands. Given the propensity of Apple fanboys to come to the defense of Apple every time there is a negative mention in...

I heart Old Spice digital campaign


Brands are discovering fresh new ways of using social media & digital advertising by the day – Whopper Sacrifice, Twelpforce, Blendtec come to mind. But Old Spice has just raised the bar several thousand notches with their on-going digital campaign. In what is surely a first, Old Spice is sending video responses to people who mention @OldSpice on Twitter. What’s more, the...

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