Old Spice smells like a man and has questions

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The award winning, ‘Smell like a man, man’ campaign for Old Spice has a new ad. Like in the first ad, a shirtless Isaiah Mustafa features in this one too moving effortlessly from beach to kitchen to waterfall to motorbike.

Agency: Weiden + Kennedy

While some wondered if last year’s ads were really Grand Prix worthy at the Cannes, I think what worked in its favour was its huge impact in reviving a dead brand. There seems to be a method to the madness in the positioning & communication for the entire Old Spice product portfolio – be it the body wash, deodorant or body spray. And it has helped make the brand sexy again. Truly a case study.

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  1. Excellent work. They have managed to top last year’s work with something equally, if not more insane. Of course, brilliant counter-point and idea.

    Have you managed to find a “making of” for this film? Been looking for it, but haven’t seen anything yet.

  2. Thanks! Delightful stuff, I kept wondering about that last bit on watching it. The prod work is so good that it makes one want to work even harder on creating better ideas. Inspiring stuff.

  3. Sometimes we overlook the journey the brand would have taken to come up till here. the work they put out for last few years where they went more and more functional, promised 24 hour protection with more armpit shots (check the Garnier Men’s commercial in India, they have same DNA) has help them transition.

  4. Sriram Iyer Reply

    Hey, I wanted to get your opinion on this. The July 14th -Brand Equity asks creative directors their opinion on the Old Spice campaign- winning at Cannes. And to my surprise – Both Raj Kurup and Padhi think it didn’t deserve to win. Raj says he hates it and calls it ‘American’ And Bobby Pawar says it’s the best writing he’s come across in a long time. Here’s the piece []

    You have written about how you thought it was worthy of victory. I think so too. But I am quite surprised at how both Raj and Padhi think otherwise.

    Any thoughts, sire?

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