Evian is back with baby dance

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It is said that you can’t go wrong if you feature babies or dogs in advertising. With babies the chances of getting that ‘Oh so sweet’ response doubles. Evian’s Dancing Babies was a viral hit in 2009. In 2010, they followed it up with a print campaign featuring babies on T-shirts.

They now have  another potential viral hit with their Let’s Baby Dance effort. The attempt is to create  the ‘longest music video’ ever. You are asked t choose your baby (from the T-shirt) and do a dance in front of the webcam. The dancing baby is then superimposed on your T-shirt.

The microsite is the centerpiece of the activity and not a YouTube video. The site has nearly 70000 Facebook ‘Likes’ and all the makings of a massive hit. As an aside, one may argue that dancing babies have a tenuous link with bottled water but Evian as a brand name seems to closely linked with ‘dancing babies’. The power of viral?


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