Nissan Leaf: the value of Zero

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A new commercial for Nissan Leaf – the electric car from the USA is likely to make the rounds of ad blogs. It’s visually striking, combined with some clever copy.

As is mandatory nowadays there is a whole lot of support activity around the idea of ‘Zero is Worth Everything’. The microsite features interactive activity – users are urged to share pictures cueing the shape of zero – from a cloud to a top shot of a sack of grains. There is also an education initiative targeted at parents and teachers. And these activities aren’t just pretty pictures on the net  – they seem to be action oriented affecting both the individual and the community. For example, the Choose Zero portal provides a trail across US-states and helpful tips (You may already recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum. But did you know that your jeans could insulate a house, or that your cell phone could help save gorillas in Africa?). Makes you realize that in today’s world, advertising is not about what you say but what you do.

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