Of child-like thinking and the creative mind

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Among the pile of toys my 5.5-year daughter plays with, my favourite is a LEGO set. Maybe I am re-living my deprived child hood but I have taken a shot at putting together the set – following the instructions given in the accompanying leaflet. But I have noticed that my daughter never follows the instructions and creates her own ‘world’ with LEGO. I guess its true of most children. And just yesterday, two different toys were combined to make one. So we now have a singing man on a green platform, surrounded by a cat and people watching him. Oh, there are also people sitting on the floor and having lunch.

I guess as adults our instinct is to follow instructions first and tread the beaten path. Some of the best creative minds in advertising tend to have a child-like view of the task at hand and ‘see’ what others don’t.  The challenge is in making that attitude second nature.


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