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Of Ramesh, Suresh and advertising characters


The quirky ‘Ramesh, Suresh’ characters are back not just on the TV screens but also through an YouTube channel. In an interesting use of the channel [another recent one being Airtel] we have a movie called, ‘The Date Fillum‘ in episodic form – the story can be taken forward by clicking on one of the two options at the end of every video. The first video [The...

The Hindu stays ahead of The Times of India


Competitive advertising can be fun. The Times of India fired the first salvo against The Hindu in Chennai recently. In my blog post I had noted: ‘the needless skin-show (not just in the city supplement) even in the mainline articles, the celebrity gossip in city supplements and the prominence given to ‘Page 3 culture’ you have ‘sensationalism’ as a residual brand association‘. The...

Samsung and its advertising digs at Apple


So, Samsung has released yet another ad poking fun at the Apple fan boys. This time, the turn-by-turn navigation feature in the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the whip with which the Mac community is sought to be beaten. The earlier efforts were on similar lines [no pun intended] touting the bigger screen or some other feature as superior to the iPhone. Lets see what the campaign has done. Nowadays...

Axe Anarchy: advertising, digital or experience campaign?


Unilever is launching a new fragrance of Axe and its for women. Yes, the brand pitched squarely at men and promising to transform all men into ‘chic magnets’ is now introducing Anarchy – a fragrance for ‘him and her’. The launch involves, not just conventional advertising but a graphic novel whose plot can be shaped by consumer contributions. That in itself was...

Lurpak: wonderful and wise


Must hand it to W+K. They have consistently produced great work for a diverse set of brands, Lurpak being one of them. They first had ‘Saturday is breakfast day’, followed by ‘Kitchen Odyssey’. Common to both were outstanding production values and a mouth-watering visual feel – great food advertising. Their latest work for Lurpak Lightest is equally mouth watering...

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