Amex, Twitter and big brands on social media

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Amex’s ‘Sync.Tweet.Save‘ is a fantastic new initiative by a brand to use Twitter in a win-win manner. American Express card holders can use their Twitter account to get exclusive discounts and other deals from more than a dozen retailers.  Card holders signing up for the service can tweet a Twitter hashtag, or search term, that’s unique to a specific offer. After the purchase, deal savings are automatically credited to that customer’s American Express card statement.

What’s great about it is the simplicity and the way its hardwired to Twitter usage. It doesn’t disrupt an existing habit or asks consumers to create a new habit. It just enhances an existing practice of people sharing tweets about deals and other things they love. This is one of the few instances of big brands using Twitter to make a meaningful difference to all parties concerned: consumer, brand and the platform.

Recently, P&G held a digital workshop for its employees and some select guests. It had 500 people from P&G, some other P&G-invited guests, plus another 1,300 webcast viewers. The event, was trending on Twitter [#SignalPG] within hours. This and the Amex initiative points to more big, successful brand building companies taking digital, new media seriously? There are those who sill consider it to be a fad and waste of money. And then there are those who just want to dabble in it, because everyone else is. As someone tweeted after the #SignalPG event:

P&G’s March Pritchard notes: Digital marketing is dead. Long live brand building in a digital world. #signalpg

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