Samsung’s viral marketing effort for LED:wah wah black sheep

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Another proof – if we ever need one – that creating a buzz for new products is a whole new ball game and calls for a different mindset than the one’s soaked in 30-second TV spots. The Viral Factory in London made a promo video for Samsung’s new LED TV, enlisting a group of herders called Baa-Studs. Now that sounds so bland but the video is far from bland. Check out the promo, if you haven’t seen it already.

The video had 3.9 million views on last count and it’s mighty riveting. For the common viewer it’s great entertainment. For those in the advertising & marketing business, makes you wonder what next when it comes to Viral Marketing? Hats off to the creative minds who see a connection between sheep in Wales and and an LED TV. Technology and art comes together to create sheep-art: Mona Lisa, the video game Pong and even a firework display! The last thing you can say about this effort is meh. Awesome.
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