Thums Up bike offer: license to thrill

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I am sure you feel the same way about the new Thums Up bike promo ad as I do: it works. Apart from the prize being a perfect fit for the macho image of Thumps Up, the intrighe is nicely built into the phrase ‘license hai?’. Which is also a tangential reference to the ‘big boy’ status of the drink, nicely repositioning competition.

The casting is top notch too – I quite liked the expression of the guy who introduces the offer (in the Telugu version it is Mahesh Babu, the actor). A promo ad with huge repeat value.

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  1. A very clear ad… And it matches the macho image of the brand perfectly like you pointed out. Nothing ‘award winning’ or ‘out of the box’, but it works. I wonder what the award mongers have to say? Maybe I am bitter, blame it on the award shaward season.

  2. Moses Thumaty Reply

    Well, the ad may be clean but the offer isnt clean. We bought the party pack and sent the code to participate, but got a reply that the code has already been used? How is that possible?
    We just bought two party packs and all that we get is a response that the code has already been used. These sort of incidents prove that this whole marketing campaign is not true but only to cheat the customers.
    I wish Thums Up really doesnt do such cheap things. Well, Thums Up in this complaint refers to every individual and employee of Thums Up working or related to the manufacturing and marketing of the product.
    I know that most of the employees may be true and honest, but when we are representing a brand, it is expected that we live and act as per the stature of the brand.

  3. hi all
    i also believe thums up is cheating
    i hv sms’ed more then 150 crowns
    but still no reply

    pls do not sms

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